Our beginning

Annai Mary Foundation – AMF was started in 1983 by a team of dedicated Social Workers, who initiated development programmes in the southern districts of  Tamil Nadu, Ramnad, Sivagangai and Madurai districts. We are registered as a Trust under Tamil Nadu Trust Act No.335/B44 and Foreign Control Regulation Act.

 Annai Mary Foundation works in 35 villages of Madurai District with disadvantaged Tribal/Dalit women who live below the poverty line ($US1/£0.52 per day).

Our work

Our primary focus is to empower rural women from disadvantaged communities through livelihood initiatives and support opportunities for greater economic independence.

 Annai Mary Foundation’s main objectives and vision:

  • Empower Dalit women through skill-based training and economic opportunities

  • Improve the quality of life of poor and mentally challenged youth (Slow learners and children with learning disabilities) by providing access to vocational training

  • Offer professional assistance to the differently- abled and people living with HIV/AIDS

  • Create awareness about environment and ecology among rural communities

Annai Mary Foundation has been involved in the implementation of various development programmes with the collaboration of State and Central Government agencies, local panchayat unions, development agencies/institutions, etc. The following are some of the major programmes being implemented:

  • Non-formal education programmes for dropout children and adolescent women

  • Women development programmes-Formation and Organisation of SHGs, Income generation and employment oriented activities.

  • Guidance, Counselling and Rehabilitation for the differently abled

  • Agricultural development programme-formation of landless farmers organisations, areas of training inputs-organic vermicompost, bio-diversity technology, etc.

  • Reproductive Child Health (RCH) programme-comprehensive women and child health care

  • HIV/AIDS programmes-Awareness, Intervention, Prevention and Control, Counselling and Referral services

  • Haven for Positives-Treatment and follow-up services, family and community counselling services

  • Environmental awareness programmes-ECO Club formation, awareness campaign-noise, air pollution, afforestation, personal hygiene and sanitation

Our people

The community with whom we work are landless, illiterate and lack basic amenities. Most are engaged in farm labour and are dependent on the Government led MNREGA programme for employment. They do not have access credit and are subject to discrimination and ostracization.  They have a poor understanding of health and hygiene, human rights and environmental issues.


Most Dalits continue to live in extreme poverty, without land or opportunities for better employment or education.  A minority have benefited from India’s policy of quotas in education and government jobs.

Our Supporters

  • Manos Unidas, Spain

  • Jeevika Trust, UK

  • Lacim France

  • Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR), USA

  • Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Peace Trust, Dindigul

  • Local Individuals and Community Leaders

Our geographical spread

Annai Mary Foundation’s programme is spread across three village clusters of Alanganallur and Vadippatti Blocks of Madurai District, all of which have been neglected by local authorities.  The three clusters are Sithalangudi, Kalvelipatti, Melachinnampatti. These are generally known as ‘Western Ghat villages’ and are located in the foothills of an agroforestry area known to be rich in flora and fauna and ideal for beekeeping.    All villages are located approx. 8-10 km from Madurai.