Environment is essential

Annai Mary Foundation’s activities include promotion of vermin-compost and organic manure, tree plantation and environmental education and awareness.

Our activities:

  • Buy sampling from private sources and distribute then through Panchayats

  • Awareness workshops for environmental degradation, sanitation and biodiversity

  • Sponsors radio programmes to create awareness on environmental issues


Over 135 beneficiaries in 42 villages in Madurai district have received training in the preparation of vermin-compost and organic manure. Members of 11 Self-help groups regularly prepare vermin-compost.

Our achievements:

  • Workshops on organic farming have created awareness and over 29 farmers have affirmed their commitment to organic farming and stopped using chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

  • Over 100 trees have been planted around the pond in Sitalangudi village and these are maintained by the village Panchayat.

  • Over 500 children have been exposed to environmental awareness programmes.